Hillcrest Child Care Age Groups

Hillcrest Active Kids Early Learning Centre provides quality childcare for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years, catering for babies, toddlers, pre kindy, kindy and pre-school children.

Babies Room (6 weeks – 2 yrs)

Our Babies’ rooms are unique and special as we do our very best to replicate the routine and care techniques you incorporate in your own home. Our qualified and highly experienced staff do their upmost to care for and love your child the way you would at home. There is no set routine in this room that the children follow, so basically whatever your precious little one would do at home would be done here. Everything from sleep times, meal times, play times, right down to the way you heat your baby’s bottle will be done in the same way and at the same time here. While awake the babies have an abundance of toys and equipment to keep them busy as well as their very own outdoor space which is fully shaded that they can utilise throughout the day. Our separate sleep room is a relaxing space where each baby has their own cot, and can sleep peacefully as calming sleep music is played. Come in and take a look. You will never want to leave!

Toddler Room (15mths – 2yrs)

We all know Toddlers are full of beans and like to stay active! We have a great Toddler room/play space here at Hillcrest! Our Toddlers now have the best of both worlds with a room filled with exciting educational toys and a spacious shaded outdoor playground complete with their own sandpit. Now when the Toddlers have used up all of their brain power thinking and creating indoors, we can run outside and let off some steam before settling in for rest time. It is in the Toddlers room that children begin to learn important life lessons such as following instructions, using manners, sharing and forming relationships. Self help skills are encouraged as the children begin to identify and care for their own belongings, and learn simple tasks such as wiping their own faces, washing hands and assisting to dress themselves.

Jnr. Kindy (2yrs – 3yrs)

Our Pre Kindy Room is always a buzzing hive of activity as our 2 and 3 year olds really get their creative minds going. Lots of learning takes place on a daily basis as concepts such as shapes, colours, letters and numbers are explored through play, exploration, songs and games throughout the day. Group times are placed at various times allowing children to learn through a shared group environment. This is the room where skills such as children independently toileting and dressing themselves are heavily focussed on. Communication skills are also enhanced as the staff foster and engage in small group, whole group and one on one activities and experiences. No two days are ever alike in the Pre Kindy room. We are sure your little one will fit right in!

Kindy (2.5 – 3.5 yrs)

As the children get a little older, the opportunities that we present to them on a daily basis also expand and become more involved. Our Kindy room’s program is filled with learning that is still very play based, however it allows the children to explore and grow as they face the daily challenges and opportunities. Similar to the younger rooms, every opportunity for learning is taken, whether it be individually, one on one with a teacher, in a small group with peers or as a whole class, we turn any experience into one where something is gained from it. As the children are preparing for the Preschool room, we begin introducing those who are ready to some of the more complex skills such as counting to larger quantities, writing, learning more complex songs and sitting and concentrating for longer periods of time. Rest assured, your child will never be expected or pushed to do anything they are not yet ready for or capable of, but we like to encourage and challenge each child as they develop and learn.

Preschool / Government Funded Kindergarten Program (4yrs – 5yrs)

Our Preschool room is a great place to learn! We have a great range of activities and experiences in this room that will encourage children to learn all of those important life skills that are going to help them as they transition to school next year! This program is designed to get the children ‘school ready’ and focuses on language, literacy, motor and cognitive skills within a play based setting which encourages social interactions that will be imperative to their ongoing education. With lots of specially designed learning opportunities, we encourage the children to challenge the way they think and learn as they master new skills and find new talents. In our Preschool room, we have 2 computers which are incorporated into the program to introduce children to the technology side of things. We want the children to have fun and make friends while they learn to take their schooling seriously.

We are committed to making a difference in early childhood education and physical activity by providing high quality care.

Our centres are designed and operated with the safety of your child being held in the highest of priority.


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