Logan Central (Woodridge) Child Care Age Groups

Our Logan Central Woodridge Childcare Centre caters for children aged 6 weeks – school aged, Nursery, Toddlers, Pre Kindy and Kindergarten.

All of our age groups cross over each other from room to room. This allows for children to develop at their own pace and are not restricted to when they have move to the next room. As an example; babies who are walking, climbing are needing a challenge they can move up into the Toddler room from 15 months, or those children who are not yet fully toilet trained they can stay in the Pre Kindy room until they are 4 years old.


We have a large Nursery which caters for 8 children each day. The Nursery does not have a room routine as all children have their own individual routines, so whatever you do at home, we do here. We have a separate sleep room to allow those who need to sleep to do so in a quiet and peaceful space in their own cot listening to soothing music. The Nursery also has their own yard, fenced off from the bigger children. This allows the babies to come in and out as they please throughout the day and when the older children are also outside. Children in this age group are developing the basics, communication social awareness, how to crawl, how to stand, how to walk and how to begin to regulate their emotions.


The Toddler room caters for children for children aged 15 months – 3 years. This age group can be very boisterous and loads of fun!!!! Here at Active Kids – Logan Central we understand that at this age children are beginning to explore communication, are very independent and want to do everything for themselves (even if they don’t know how yet) and are still learning how to share – a very tricky skill. Our staff encourage and support the children as they grow and develop their skills like self-help skills, sharing, playing gently with each other, simple instructions and communication. Children in this age group are mastering gross motor skills such as walking, running and climbing.

Pre Kindy

The Pre Kindy room cares for children aged 2.5 years – 4 years old. Within this age group children are learning huge amounts every day. Things like communication skills, cognitive skills like problem solving and concentration, not forgetting the basics…colours, shapes, letters and numbers, while also fine tuning some of those skills learnt in the Toddler room, all fill our day together. Children in this age group also begin to foster strong relationships with their friends, as opposed to playing at the same activity but not with each other, as is often seen in younger children. They also start learning how to do things in a group situation; reading stories or singing songs in a large group or playing with play dough or in home corner with a small group. Fine motor skills including drawing, painting, cutting with scissors is also a big focus. One of the key skills that we support through within this age group is toilet training. So if your child is in this room, and you are ready to start this journey, please speak to our staff. We are more than happy to help you and your child through this process.


The fabulous Kindergarten is our oldest age group in the centre. These children are aged from 3 years – 5 years of age. We have a Government funded Kindergarten program running 5 days a week here at our centre, led by a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Specialist Teacher. This is where all the magic happens the year before they start their adventure at “Big School”.

As you enter this room you can visually see the learning that is occurring as the children engage in a very interactive and engaging program designed specifically for them. One day children may be learning about cars (based on an interest in a car which was brought in by a child for show and tell) which then may lead to other forms of ground transportation, which may lead to transportation in the sky, which may lead to rockets and spaceships, which may lead to aliens and the next thing you know the children have a whole project on the solar system.

The direction of this room is led by the children’s interests and abilities and is closely guided and facilitated by our fabulous Teacher.

We are committed to making a difference in early childhood education and physical activity by providing high quality care.

Our centres are designed and operated with the safety of your child being held in the highest of priority.


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