A Typical Day…




While at our centre, your child will participate in a range of exciting and educational experience that will foster their learning and growth in every area of their development. Across all areas of the day, we encourage children to practice their independence and autonomy by choosing their own activities and paths for learning. With support and guidance from our experienced educators, we ensure that children learn as much as they can as they play through scaffolding and extending on their interests.

A Typical Day For Your Child Will Include

Indoor Play

While inside, your child will have the opportunity to self select from a wide range of activities including art and craft, role play, puzzles, construction, literacy and numeracy activities, science, cooking experiences, dance and movement.

Outdoor Play

As your child explores our outdoor environment, they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. Gross motor skills are enhanced through running, climbing, jumping, skipping, riding bikes, sliding, tumbling, ball games and other team activities. Quieter fine motor activities are always on offer as well including role play, art and craft, reading, puzzles and other construction activities for those who may prefer.

Rest Or Sleep

Play can be tiring work! Rest is vital for little bodies to re-charge and prepare for more fun and learning. While at our centre, your child will be given opportunities to rest their body or have a nap should they choose to. Infants home sleep routines are replicated while at the centre to ensure consistency for both the children and the parents. Children who do not need to sleep engage in other quiet activities during the rest period of the day.

Meal Times

Meal times are used as opportunities for the children to come together and share social time while they eat together. We value these important times of the day, where Educators can engage children in discussion and reflection as they converse with each other and their peers. Meal times are also a fabulous time to discuss and learn about foods from other countries around the world.

Music And Movement

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything” (Plato). Music and movement for children is more than just nursery rhymes and finger plays, they are vital in every child’s growth and development. While at our centre, your child will be exposed to a wide array of music from around the world, and throughout history. At Active Kids we ensure that your child hears and learns about the joy of music and the delight that moving to it can bring.

Group Times

At various times throughout the day, our children join in groups to engage in small group experiences. These times may include topical discussions, story time, singing and dancing, show and tell or even guided learning. These times assist children in their social awareness and social skills as well as helping to build other cognitive skills such as concentration and focus.

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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