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Active Kids Advantage

Come in and see what the “Active Kids Advantage” is all about




Active Kids Early Learning Centres

Children leave as confident learners and capable contributors as they enter their primary years.

Come in and see what the “Active Kids Advantage” is all about.

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Nursery & Toddlers

Our friendly team is here to support you and your child’s transition to child care.
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Our goal is to ensure that all children & families are included & feel welcome.
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As children prepare to transition to school, our staff will work toward ‘school readiness’.
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Environmental responsibility and education play a vital part in our programs.
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Our vision

Our Vision at Active Kids is to provide an exciting and stimulating environment for children that nurtures their development and fosters their imagination and learning. The learning that takes place in the early years is vital. For this reason, we provide highly educational programs that enhance your child’s learning through play, giving them the best possible start in life. We actively engage each child’s interests and ensure that these are what lays the foundations for their learning.

What Parents Are Saying

I was always skeptical about sending my son to daycare. But you ladies are so wonderful, you make us feel like an extended family. The love and care you show Cooper is truly amazing.
He has advanced so quickly and can’t wait to leave every morning to see his friends, play and get all his cuddles. Words can’t explain the appreciation of what you all do. Thank you.


Thank you to all the staff for everything you do for Callum and Elizabeth. My children have grown so much since attending Active Kids and the reason behind it is you wonderful ladies. You all go beyond your job role. You all make my children so happy and feel loved. I can’t thank you all enough for everything you do.


Thank you to the wonderful staff for being Great teachers to my precious children Brendalyn & Sema. I appreciate the time; effort and the extra mile you guys go through to make them feel comfortable and teaching them what they have learnt so far. I Believe the first few years of child’s learning life are so important, and you guys have been part of that journey and made it extra special for Sema and Brendalyn I’m sure they will never forget you all. Keep up the Great Work.


We have been a part of the Active Kids family for over 3 years. My eldest daughter loved the centre when she attended and still loves to visit and see her old teachers when I drop off my youngest daughter. I love that so many teachers that my eldest daughter had are still there. When I walk through those doors, I know my daughter is being looked after by so many beautiful and hardworking dedicated women. I highly recommend Active Kids!!


From 6 weeks old you have been Chase’s second family and taught him so many valuable aspects. I want to thank you so so so so so much. Without you, neither of us (me and Chase) would be where we are or accomplished what we have today.


My kids have been attending Active Kids for 5 years. During that time, me and my kids have all grown close to the carers and feel very much like they are an extension to our family. My 3 boys have all always bonded well with each of their carers and I’ve always had such confidence in leaving my babies to be well looked after, educated and nourished completely and wholly while not in my care. Our family experienced a devastating tragedy last year and I could not have asked for better support for our family from all the staff at Active Kids. They took extra care of my boys at a time when we really needed it and I am truly grateful. Our 3rd son is coming to the end of his time in Pre-Prep, which means the end of an era at Active Kids. We will always look back on this time in our family’s life at Active Kids with cherished memories and will miss the centre and staff dearly.


Thank you all so very much. Joey & Timmy have so much fun & have learned so much. I can’t thank you enough for all the help, nurturing & support you have given them.


My kids thrive at Active kids. My youngest has special needs. They really do make him feel included and very supportive of both my child and family. Staff also very friendly and easy to talk to.


We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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