What Will My Child Learn?

Learning is a natural occurrence for children. Their brains are constantly seeking out information in the world that surrounds them. While at Active Kids, we will ensure that your child is surrounded by experiences and activities that provoke thought and questioning which naturally inspires children to want to know more. Our Educators foster each child’s learning through intentional teaching moments, posing thought provoking questions during play experiences and supporting your child in their natural sense of discovery.

Our curriculum is led by the wonders of the children and their interests. While at our centre their learning will foster all areas of their development including Cognitive (thinking skills), Social and Emotional, Gross and fine motor and Self-help. We value holistic learning and ensure that all areas are covered for each child each day.

Active Kids Skills

Cognitive Skills

Social & Emotional Skills

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Self-Help Skills

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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